We are STORADIO.AERO - Pride Since 1968

STORADIO provides the airline market with a long-range high-frequency (HF) radio communication service since the 1960s. Using remote-controlled, high-powered transmitters and receivers with various directional antennas in Sweden. STORADIO supports +300 airline customers and its pilots with safe and secure air-to-ground radio service.

Since 2018 STORADIO is a part of the Sdiptech group which is on the Stockholm exchange market.

STORADIO has an H24/365 days per year Operations Control Center (OCC), specialized as a reliable and highly professional outsourced OCC. We started our OCC services in 2005 as a complement to the HF RADIO service. STORADIO is a well-established OCC provider on the market, and we offer a safe and reliable OCC service. STORADIO also supports airlines with a crew planning team, that can provide long and short-term crew planning. If your airline is in the start-up phase, when you need to slim your organization, when you have a tight budget, or whatever your case might be, we will be your close partner.


Our Operations Control Center, OCC, is an H247 team that can support your airline with flight dispatch, Operational and ATC Flight Plans with active winds, documents, Flight watch and Flight Following, Flight Deck briefing packages with weather and NOTAM by email, H24 Crew Control, Runways slot coordination, Schedule planning, and Overflight and landing permits.

Crew planning. Improve and make your crew planning more efficient by using our crew planning team and crew planning system for your short- and long-term crew planning!

Connected with the OCC team, we can also offer airlines an outsourced crew planning solution. We are on-site H24/365 and we can support airlines with our crewing systems or the airline’s own system. We provide a tailored setup for long-term and short-term planning depending on the airline’s needs and operations.