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We are a privately-owned aviation consultancy and recruitment company, providing tailored services worldwide for over 20 years.

Our Executive Leadership has many years of experience in Airline Management with the advantage of a better understanding of the dynamics of the airline business and the complexity of the customers’ needs.

The key success for MHC Aviation is to retain highly trained and qualified staff from various backgrounds, to cover a selection of a wide range of services. Our focus is on understanding the specific needs of each of our clients and their operational environment.

MHC Aviation is located in Riga, Latvia (EU) supporting the partner’s companies based in the UK, Malta, and Cyprus with the ability to employ and contract crews/staff worldwide.

Staffing Solutions

MHC Aviation’s staffing solution comes in a variety of forms to meet specific client’s needs.  Our staff strives to support customers in finding the best and most highly skilled candidates to fill the position by providing recruitment, contracting solutions, and Human Resources services.

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Areas of Expertise